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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ball one. bailey is the third pitcher of the inning and phil hughes who started the inning allowed two hits. one to rolen and one to holliday is on the hook. thornton couldn't get mccann. and now furcal. takes ball two. a.l. rookie of the year in 2009 was andrew bailey. he is dealing with rafael furcal. since he returned to the dodgers after the passing of his father. he went down to the dominican republic, hitting .417. he takes a strike. the runner at second. two outs. furcal comes up empty. 2-2. >> tim: that looks like a
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splitter/change-up to furcal on a fastball count. a good pitch from bailey. >> joe: here are the numbers since june 24, where furcal ranks across baseball. that's way wide. full count. the american league will have wigginton who is in the game at third base, taking over for longoria. then john buck and then ian kinsler. in the bottom of the seventh. here is the 3-2 to furcal. down and in. another walk. >> tim: trevor cahill was scheduled to be the oakland athletic representative in the all-star game, but he started on sunday. he knew how badly andrew bailey wanted to come. he had been told by bob geren on saturday that don't make any plans during the all-star
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break. cahill came in on sunday morning, and faked being sick. ha! he said, "i don't think i can go today." >> joe: which then would have made him eligible to pitch tonight and would have kept bailey out of the game. >> tim: exactly. and then everybody got a laugh about it. and bailey follows cahill out to the bullpen when he warmed up to make sure that everything was all right. >> joe: here is brandon phillips. as adam wainwright gets loose from the st. louis cardinals. toward the bottom of the inning. that's blocked by buck. and brandon phillips, who if you don't know about him is one of the more dangerous hitting second basemen in the game. see the numbers. and that little note. his first all-star game, he replaced chase utley on the roster. martin prado got the start.
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and now it's phillips. the 29-year-old from the reds. that is another one in the dirt. ball two. phillips, a gold glove award winner 2008. was drafted by montreal. he had scholarships to play both baseball and football at georgia. he was picked up by cincinnati in april of 2006 for a player to be named later. 2007 he was a 30/30 player, with over 30 homers and 30 stolen bases. two on, two out, two balls and a strike on phillips. good pitch. inside corner. 2-2. since 2006, phillips hit over 100 home runs and stolen 115 stolen bases and trying to add to a 3-1 national lead and do it against the a's closer, andrew bailey. that is foul. down the right side.
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brian mccann is the lead runner at second. rafael furcal with great speed could probably catch mccann, as the runner at first. here comes the 2-2. phillips strikes out on a nasty breaking ball. that ends the inning. here we are after 6 1/2, with the national league up 3-1 over the american league. and it's our sharp colorful moment. back during the pre-game ceremonies, mccann was announced as one of two catchers for the national league. he pinch-hit for yadier molina early. he hit against the lefty thornton here. and he unloaded the bases with a double.
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>> joe: and now our game summary with the n.l. up 3-1. mccann, the hitting star, cano the sac fly, and the national league has not won since 1996. let's go to public address announcer david courtney. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, as we stand for the traditional seventh inning stretch, we ask you first to remember the men and women serving our country at home and overseas. to perform "god bless america," please welcome two-time grammy award winner, southern california's own, cobe calier. ♪ ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her
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♪ to the night ♪ with the light from above ♪ from the mountains ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the ocean ♪ white with foam ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home [ applause ] >> joe: a beautiful rendition of "god bless america." one a sunset. southern california.
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>> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by -- >> joe: nick swisher off the
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bench to bat for the american league. and right after the first pitch delivered by adam wainwright. chris young stays in the game. the pinch-hitter is in center. that moves marlon byrd over to right. and adam wainwright who has put together a great run for the st. louis cardinals over the last couple of years and is a 13-game winner snaps off one of those tremendous curveballs for strike two. nick swisher was the internet vote. he won on the american league side. joey votto on the national league side. soriano getting loose for the a.l. as wainwright brings it, skips it in. ball one. >> joe: at home, he is undefeated. wainwright. on the road, good e.r.a., record of 4-5. finished third in the cy
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young voting last year when he won 19. maybe more importantly, has the most wins and the lowest e.r.a. in baseball in the last two seasons. adam wainwright. here is the 1-2. another foul. >> tim: you know, that is one graphic that leads you to explain, 9-0 at home, 4-5 on the road. because all the mounds on the road are different. they're different parks. the mound at busch stadium in st. louis is going to be the same. i'm really surprised that more pitchers don't have much better home records and poorer road records. >> joe: curveball gets nick swisher for out number one at the bottom of the seventh. "fox saturday baseball" baseball this saturday -- yankees and rangers.
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there are good match-ups as the saturday game of the week returns at 4:00 eastern/1:00 pacific in high-def here on fox. the batter now is john buck. he takes ball one. john buck finished second in the american league in catchers from the players' voting. had to cancel a trip to niagara falls with his wife to be here. to the left, and off the glove of matt holliday. and buck is on at second with one out here in the seventh. so one cardinal cannot help out another, as holliday got there and couldn't make the catch. >> tim: that is a ball that should have been caught. i think matt will tell you that. he got a little turned around. a bad route to the ball. and john buck has a double.
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>> joe: it is a double with one out and brings in the tying run. ian kinsler who was a 30/30 man last year. hit 30 home runs in hitter-friendly park in arlington, texas. tying run at the plate. wainwright brings it. ball one, up and away. ian kinsler is a .398 career hitter here at angel stadium. that is the highest all-time. gets a lot of action out here as both are in the a.l. west. that ball is high, 2-2. on deck is vernon wells. [ applause ] here is a 2-0 pitch from adam
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wainwright. fast ball sneaks in at 95. 2-1. >> joe: the 2-1. down and away. three balls and a strike. wainwright is no stranger to pitching late in the ballgame. not only as a starter, but he was the closer for the cardinals back in their 2006 championship run. >> tim: curveball to carlos beltran to end the national league championship series. >> joe: that is ball four. two on and one out. had four saves in the post season in 2006. our lexus fastest pitch speed
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graphic. price hit 100. verlander just below it. and josh johnson with 99 as well. a double, a walk, and an opportunity here for the american league with vernon wells stepping in for the first time tonight. has been a big bounceback here for vernon wells. wainwright. a chop to short. furcal, to second. and the only out is -- kept his foot on the bag. no chance to turn two. hit that softly. two outs. >> tim: sow a good play by -- saw a good play by brandon phillips earlier in the game, saying that the ball from elvis andrus -- saving that ball from elvis andrus and he makes another good play. realizing the double play is out of the question.
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>> joe: here is torii hunter. gets a nice hand. he flied out to right his first time. with that angels across his chest, big for angel stadium. >> tim: the rally monkey made its first appearance here, with an angel at the plate. how about that? >> joe: tying run at first. two outs. and a ball down and away from wainwright. wainwright trying to get around that double off the glove of holliday in left. then the walk. the 1-0. good curveball, strike one. >> tim: in case you may not know about the rally monkey here at angel stadium, the rally monkey may show its head in the sixth, or the
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seventh, the eighth, the ninth. how appropriate torii hunter is thinking right now. >> joe: here is the 1-1 from wainwright. first and third, two outs. pulled on the pitch. strike two. >> tim: boy, what a tough breaking ball from torii hunter. >> joe: the 1-2 from adam wainwright. got him to end the inning. [ applause ] we go to the eighth inning. as wainwright stomps off the mound. he kept it n.l. 3, a.l. 1. you think the players don't care? watch wainwright, as he exits your screen. at sharp, our goal
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it adds yellow to the standard rgb color system, for colors never before seen on tv. notice the lifelike color on this yellow seahorse. oh sorry, yellow-ish seahorse on your tv with three color technology. observe the stunning blue sea. in your mind that is. well, you get the picture. actually, you don't. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. >> joe: rafael soriano, the closer for the rays takes over and has a 94-mile-per-hour fastball. fouled away by adrian gonzalez. underway in the top of the
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eighth, with the national league leading by two. tampa bay rays are two out in the a.l. east. adrian beltre takes over at third. the only position player left for the american league is alex rodriguez. here is a fly ball in to left. wells is there. one out. adrian gonzalez is 0-2 since entering the game in the fourth. bring in joey votto. meanwhile the national league is left with omar infante and michael bourn. the bullpen at this point has plenty of arms left. there is alex rodriguez. the only available bench player. if there is an injury, ty wigginton has been designated as a player who can re-enter the game. votto gets it off the end of the bat, flies it in to center. two outs.
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aerial coverage is brought to you by directv. now all the tvs in your home can be connected to just one d.v.r. call 1-800-directv. >> tim: that is a roster that should be sent to coopers town. everybody played in the game, every position player but alex rodriguez. >> joe: alex rodriguez, the guy who has 597 home runs. >> tim: yeah. joe girardi is saving him for the right spot late. there is no mariano rivera prese present. working on either side. you had younger closers that the national league will call on. guys like broxton, brian wilson. haven't seen evan meek, a lefty specialist. arthur rhodes.
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as valverde from the detroit tigers gets loose. soriano came to the rays from the atlanta braves. he's been outstanding! replaced mariano rivera. brian wilson gets loose from the giants for the n.l. 3-1. if you ask soriano he would say, "well, i finally have a more defined role." he has 50 saves since the beginning of last year. here is 3-1. instead, rolen hops out. talking in the break of the reaction of adam wainwright, just happened to catch it on his way off the mound where he reacted, pumped his fist. low-key, but still got out of
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the jam in the bottom of the seventh. a fly ball in to left. vernon wells to his right. plenty of room, in time to end the inning. both dugouts still jam packed with players. not many left available to play in the game. we go to the bottom of the eighth. n.l. up by two. for unsurpassedy and industry-leading customer service, even more so. which is why it must be earned. every day. every mile. with every driver. we've earned ours by relentlessly asking one simple question... how can we make it even better tomorrow? lexus. the pursuit...of perfection.
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>> joe: the closer from the giants takes over with michael bourn in left-field to improve the defense. holliday is finished. wilson, one of the two young closer closers available to manager charlie manuel pumps home strike one. brian wilson showed up with a mohawk haircut for the media day. and he pumps home another 98, and two quick strikes on elvis andrus. >> tim: i tell you, with brian wilson's arm, he is a very hard-thrower. hard to believe he was picked 24th in the draft in 2003. >> joe: the third most saves in baseball since he became a full-time closer in 2008.
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throwing hard. 98, that's high. one ball, two strikes. valverde is getting ready for the american league. here is the 1-2. breaking ball. and andrus fouls it back to the screen. elvis, just 21 years old. last year tied the club rookie record in texas with 33 steals. he led all american league rookies in hits, runs, total bases, stolen bases and triples. on 1-2, a soft chopper to brandon phillips. first at-bat for andrus, and he is gone. that will bring in konerko.
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with jose bautista on deck. konerko struck out in his only at-bat, that happened in the sixth. cabrera started the game at first. and went 1-2 while he was in there. >> tim: the american league hopeful of getting konerko on there, so they can have bautista who leads the majors in home runs up at the plate. >> joe: good breaking ball from wilson. strike one. he leads, bautista leads the league in home runs with 24. that is the lowest total, home run total to lead at the all-star break since 1993. the 0-1 pitch to the third baseman rolen. he is automatic. two out.


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